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Yoav Kutner.

The quartet is made of:

Nave Koren    (Drums & spirit)

Dor Koren       (Bass & Vocals)

Ben Golan       (Guitar & Vocals)

Yair Vermut   (Organs & Vocals)


TREE came to life in 2005, as four young musicians gathered up from the

Israeli country side, growing up in a Kibbutz,


TREE started its way as a mostly jam based band, gathering more original materials and still holding to the that spirit, Thus presenting the group you’ll hear & see today.


2005 was a while ago, TREE has rooted itself widely through Israel, Also making it’s way overseas, Their powerful sound and live performances gave the band the status of a rock movement with Deep Musical roots.

TREE is a familiar Sound, with a new artistic statement.


TREE has set a reputation of never playing the same show twice, with

their ever-growing circle of followers attending to every performance, the crowd knows to expect the unexpected.


2009- A first TREE- Ep

2011- TREE released their debut album.

2011- Two Live show releases.

2012- Single release-Sunshine. Released on a 7 inch vinyl.

-2014 – TREE & DAMO SUZUKI live in Tel Aviv

-2015 – Live Bootleg from Germany – Vol3


October 2015 – 2nd Album release in Tel Aviv, Israel and Berlin, Germany

Setting on another tour in Europe in the end of 2015  – November-

TREE will Release their first & second album on a full 12Lp!

TREE also have set a strong status for itself among musicians and allot of good people, on the 9.2.14 TREE  Teamed Up with Damo Suzuki (CAN) for a full live concert and  playing an opening act for Ray manzarek (R.I.P) & Robby krieger of the Doors in Israel in the summer of 2011,

For all of those who never saw TREE live, it is a voyage of a lifetime.